Wittle Lizard

by The Conjugal Visits



these are some demos from the band's upcoming debut LP "Litter Wizard". Recorded spring of '12 by nick and pete, on a Tascam 4-track cassette.


released September 16, 2012

All songs written by The Conjugal Visits.
Recorded by Nick Santa Maria, and Pete Sisson at Wiener Demon Castle in spring of 2012.



all rights reserved


The Conjugal Visits Colorado Springs, Colorado

we all live in colorado springs and work in the local babyfood factory.
in our "downtime" we like to get drunk as rip van torn, and high as chong, and play music in the process.

we are a 4 piece, or if you like that jazzy shit, we're a quartet, which makes us sound like cheap malk from the lunchroom. but guess what, we are. MALK!

we record everything ourselves so it sounds like we do.
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Track Name: Girl
i smoked cigarettes til i choked, i got too drunk passed out on the way home.
there was blood running in the gutters of the streets, i saw girls puking it aroused me.
came up to talk to, gave me a look and stomped on my feet.
you bit your lip, spilt your drink, i think you are the cutest thing.
i like how your chest is flat, and you eyebrows like you're always mad.
you smell like cherry starburst, that's how i know you're my girl.

that's how i know you're my girl

oh, i can't sleep, unless it smells like trash with newspaper sheets.
shiny braces when you speak, you like to hit cats and kick pussies in the teeth.
we make fun of hipster dicks, and smash smash bottles in the street.
yeah yeah you said you don;t need this world, that's how i know you're my girl.

thats how i know you're my girl.

read comics til our fingers bleed, we say mean things that we don't mean.
nacho cheese on your jeans, when i see you, you got me ripped at the seams.
your ma says you're a brat, cause she don't know where you're hanging at.
we're like beavis and butthead, 'n cheech and chong.
when i first saw you, i knew all along

that's how i know you're my girl.